Online Album Designer

Our Online Album Designer enables you to design and deliver dynamic contemporary digital album prints quickly and easily. With a simple click and drag of your mouse, you can drop your images (from film or digital) into one of our digital layouts (thousands of design possibilities), crop your image, change it to black & white or sepia, plus drop in background images or files. You can even change the transparency level of your background images with one click. Now you can have Creative Freedom without the hassle of color management, file archiving and countless hours of PhotoShop work!

The ease in which an album can be created makes Our Online Album Designer a very pleasant experience for the Bride & Groom. Album pages are viewed instantly and encourage additional sales. Plus because Our Online Album Designer is a Web based program, your bride can be sitting next to you in your studio or halfway around the world! Once the album design is approved, you simply submit the order to LustreColor and we will do the rest!

  • Available to Film & Digital Shooters.
  • Choose from 5x5-$3. 8x8-$4. 10x10-$5. and 12x12-$6. sizes (11x14 coming soon!)
  • Companion Prints are available.
  • 5 different Border Effects on nearly every layout-including drop shadow.
  • Unlimited number of Backgrounds.
  • Over a thousand Layout variations including Panorama's.
  • Change Transparency levels instantly.
  • Make any Color image or background B&W or Sepia.
  • Quick Cropping and Image Straightening within the layout.
  • Includes site for Online Sales.
  • You or the Bride can have Edit Control - your choice.
  • Email Report and/or link to the bride.
  • No licensing or membership fees.
  • No software to install or update.....completely Web Based.