EZ Mount Albums

This album is the picture of affordable versatility and style. Available in sizes from 4x5 up to 8x12, these albums are a profitable option for you while ensuring your customers receive an affordable yet stylish way to display their images. Design your album in Lab Link or Direct Print or have it designed by us and order an EZ Mount album at the same time. We'll print your photographs and bind them before shipping the fully assembled album back to you - with no paperwork or additional forms to fill out!

Capri EZ Mount Order Form

  • Albums are shipped fully assembled
  • Available in sizes from 4x5 up to 8x12
  • Albums are 5, 10, 15, or 20 pages
  • Choose from many different cover materials and covers
  • Custom imprinting available
  • Order through Lab Link or Direct Print
  • Please Note: Panorama designs will be cut.
  • There is a .25 in gap between all prints.
Album Size 5 pages
(Holds 10 prints)
10 pages
(Holds 20 prints)
15 pages
(Holds 30 prints)
20 pages
(Holds 40 prints)
4x5 $30.00 $50.00 $69.00 $88.00
4x6 $30.00 $50.00 $69.00 $88.00
5x5 $30.00 $50.00 $69.00 $88.00
5x7 $35.00 $55.00 $74.00 $93.00
6x9 $41.00 $61.00 $80.00 $99.00
8x8 $43.00 $66.00 $88.00 $110.00
8x10 $46.00 $69.00 $91.00 $113.00
10x10 $48.00 $71.00 $93.00 $115.00
8x12 $58.00 $83.00 $108.00 $132.00
Prices do not include cost of prints - See print prices below

Several cover materials are available:

  • Mooless Leather - A high grade vinyl that looks and feels like leather.
  • Book Cloth - Stylish, sleek-finished fabric creates a contemporary look.
  • UltraSuede - The feel of suede enhanced by a durable fabric.
  • Grained Leather - Embossed to provide a traditional look.
  • Milano Leather - The soft feel of kidskin with a protective top coat.
  • Distressed Leather - Combines a rugged look with a delicate top coat.
  • Napa Leather - The soft feel of suede with a delicate grain.

View all cover styles

Cover Materials    
Mooless Basic   n/c Black Only
Mooless Grained Leather $6.00 Available Colors
Mooless Vienna Leather $13.00 Available Colors
Mooless Distressed Leather $13.00 Black Only
Book Cloth $32.00 Black Only
Distressed Leather $55.00 Available Colors
Ultra Suede $59.00 Available Colors
Grained Leather $32.00 Available Colors
Milano Leather $55.00 Available Colors
Napa Leather $65.00 Available Colors
Additional Options    
Frameless Cover Image $27.00 4x5, 5x5, or 5x7 image
Sheer Cover $43.00 Unique see-through cover
Cameo Cover $21.00 A 4x5 cameo print in the upper left
Title Design   n/c View Styles
Imprinting $14.20 Personalize your album
Studio Imprint $4.50 per line Add your studio name on the
inside cover

Print prices

Standard Prices
order via LabLink Plus

Square Album Pages  
12x12 $6.00
10x10 $5.00
8x8 $4.00
5x5 $3.00

Direct Print
Ready2Print non color-corrected prices

Square Albums Pages  
12x12 Designer Album Pages$3.75
10x10 Designer Album Pages$3.00
8x8 Designer Album Pages$2.50
5x5 Designer Album Pages $2.00
Rectangle Album Pages  
11x14 $8.00
9½x12 $6.00
8x10 $4.00
5½x7 $3.00
4x5 $2.00
Retangle Album Pages  
11x14 $5.00
8x10 $2.50
5½x7 $2.00
4x5 $1.25

Designer Panorama Composits

Square Album Pages  
12x24 $12.00
10x20 $10.00
8x16 $8.00
5x10 $6.00
Square Pano Albums Pages  
12x24 Designer Album Pages $7.50
10x20 Designer Album Pages$6.00
8x16 Designer Album Pages $5.00
5x10 Designer Album Pages$4.00
Retangle Album Pages  
14x22 $16.00
12x19 $12.00
10x16 $8.00
5x11 $6.00
5x8 $4.00
Rectangle Pano Albums Pages  
14x22 Designer Album Pages $10.00
12x19 Designer Album Pages$7.50
10x16 Designer Album Pages $5.00
7x11 Designer Album Pages$3.75
5x8 Designer Album Pages $2.50