Designing and Ordering Albums

We offer several solutions for album design. No matter what your workflow is you're sure to find a solution here that meets your needs and your budget. If you still have questions please call our Customer Service department at 1-800-827-7101

Designing albums with our software

Our free LabLink Plus and Direct Print software feature a full selection of customizable drag and drop album templates in a wide assortment of popular sizes. Effects such as borders and drop shadows can be added with one click. You can also create and save your own unique layouts or modify our designs. When your design is complete you have several choices for assembling an album:

  • Have prints shipped to you and send them to the album company of your choice
  • Fax us an order form and we can ship your prints directly to the album manufacturer
  • Use our software to order our exclusive Modern Image and Neuvision Albums

Our Web Galleries sites all feature a unique built-in album designer that contains hundreds of drag and drop templates in many popular sizes. Like our LabLink or Direct Print programs, the online designer allows you to add custom effects with just a click of your mouse. When your design is complete you'll be able to:

  • Email a link to your client so they can preview the album in an online album presentation
  • Have prints shipped to you and send them to the album company of your choice
We can also accept orders from the Lab Prints album design software as well as flattened jpeg files from other design software (Photoshop, FotoFusion, Corel, Etc...).

Let us handle the design

We have a skilled team of in-house designers that can turn your images into a beautiful contemporary album design. Click Here for more info and examples of our design service.

Our Design Print and Bind service is perfect for studios looking for a truly hands-free way to deliver albums to your clients. Just submit your files, either electronically or by mail, and we'll design the album, print the album, and assemble it. Several album styles are available. Learn more about this service

Let your customer design their own album

Upload your images to one of our Web Galleries sites and your client will be able to design an album themselves. When their design is complete:

  • You'll recieve a notice letting you know the design is ready to be printed
  • You can have the prints shipped to you and send them to the album company of your choice